CIREMG Funding for Proposed or Existing Projects:

Project funding is arranged primarily with institutional relationships that include Credit Tenant Lease lenders, insurance companies, pension funds, investment bankers and major banks.

For Commercial International Real Estate & Management Group (CIREMG), primary funding focus is to arrange funding for proposed or existing projects for client's that have investment grade credit ratings of BBB or higher.

The financing can be arranged using a NNN Credit Tenant Lease (CTL) as the collateral when CIREMG is the developer. The loan can be funded direct to the client with CIREMG's regional contractor “Conewago” or other qualified contractors.

Construction funding and permanent (non-recourse) financing is available for all property types for municipalities and other qualified investment grade entities.

CIREMG takes pride in offering consulting and full-time assistance with ops/management for existing or start-up businesses. Profitability, sustainability and cost savings is emphasized.